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Good riddance to an untamable monster

Thanks to Rex Master I got through maths in my Xth standard public exams till admission to medical college helped me bid good riddance to the untamable monster that Maths was to me

COVID vaccine; premature clamoring over an unborn child

The world has been battling with COVID-19 only since December 2019. It is too early to claim successful development of an effective vaccine, which is no child’s play

Maveli visits Kerala in 2020

Maveli will visit the subjects of his favorite kingdom,Kerala on Onam to be shocked at COVID-necessitated changes evident in Kerala

Dhoni and Christ testify to ingratitude and brevity of human memory

When Dhoni was run out in 2019 world cup semifinal culminating in his retirement, all his past heroics were forgotten, reminding one of the crucified Christ

It’s been 73 years. Are we really free?

It is 73 years since India won her freedom from the yoke of British rule. But, is today’s India truly free?

Kerala indeed is ‘God’s own country’

Kerala increasingly seem undeserving of the tag ‘God’s own country’, but a twin disaster proved her detractors wrong

Are the waves, seagulls and the sun still there?

COVID19 has had the superior creation man follow a new normal to keep the virus away, but do the so-called lesser creations too have to fall in line with ‘new normal’, or will they do well with ‘old normal’?

A bolt from the blue and three commandments

The stroke struck me out of the blue, turning my life upside down. But I chose to face it by adopting the ‘three commandments’

Hunger cries drowned in Rafale din

The much-hyped Rafale fighter jets from France has joined Indian weaponry by paying through the nose. Is the money worth it to stave off enemy infiltration from the 49th poorest nation on Earth?

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