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Theatrics and showmanship will not overwhelm this Virus

Ever since the Corona Virus has been holding the world to ransom, starting in Wuhan, China, India has managed to stay relatively less affected, despite being densely populated. The Prime Minister’s national lockdown as definitely helped. But, it’s not yet time to relax, or to indulge in theatrics and showmanship, like the Prime Minister has lately done.

Celebrating a nonexistent entity on February 14th

Considering the odds and the travails through which Indian women are fated to pass through, is there love left to celebrate the Valentine’s Day?

Healthcare dispensation: tug-of-war between dilemmas and ethics

Healthcare dispensation does not function on a one plus one equals two formula. It is a product of churning of ethics governing the profession and dilemmas faced by its dispensers.

Lack of money has many give up on dear and near

Dearth of precious money has many to give up on their sick dear and near, often even when they’re responding favorably to treatment

A Hymnal verse brightens up my darkness

I was hit by the ‘empty-Nest Syndrome’ abruptly, catching me unawares, and plunging my world in darkness. A verse from a famous hymn stood me in good stead in times of woe

Chants amidst stars, cribs and carols

Kerala witnesses two distinct religious practices practiced by two entirely different faiths in November and December, much in keeping with the communal amity the state is known for. Hope this lasts well into the future in these troubled times when man is up against man in the name of religion

NMC Bill: victim of mistrust than ‘untouchability’

The ailing Indian healthcare dispensation badly needed a treatment to nurse it to health. Modi(2), in good faith passed the NMC Bill in Parliament, which doctors, exhorted by the IMA protested against it by striking work. NMC, an ‘untouchable’ among medical fraternity is actually a victim of mistrust. Will the government shepherd Indian Healthcare to more credibility and effectiveness without messing it up?

An inebriated erudite IAS officer behind the wheels: youth let down

Sriram Vankataraman, a medical doctor-turned IAS officer had served as sub-collector in Devikulam in Kerala’s Idukki District. He turned hero and youth icon for his strong action against illegal encroachers in Munnar, Kerala’s prime tourist destination. He, reportedly inebriated knocked down a two-wheeler borne-journalist with his car which he drove rashly. The Hero turned zero instantly. Even a moment’s Indiscretion isn’t a good companion especially for people holding responsible office, and who are looked up to.

Modi 2.0: Golden opportunity to make amends

The NDA spearheaded by BJP and captained by one man -Narendra Modi was swept to a second term to govern India, in the process banishing a nonexistent opposition into further nonexistence, on the tide of a majority that surpassed everybody’s expectations. The results of Elections 2019 was so spectacular, rendering NDA win for at least 3 more subsequent elections a certainty.

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