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Where spurned Romeos kill Juliets heinously

Self-professed lover boys stalk and murder their ‘lovers’ in cold blood, should their love advances be spurned.

Get to the bottom of ‘Narcotic Jihad’ and ‘love Jihad’ 

Even as a catholic priest raises concerns of Love jihad and Narcotic jihad, political parties set about crying foul instead of getting to the bottom of the charges

Trudge back to classrooms circumspectly

With the advent of vaccines, there’s a widespread attempt to reopen educational institutions. But are we ready for that yet?

It’s Time to return to good old newspaper and jute twine

The good old newspaper and jute twine has given way to plastic at a great price. The environment has been sabotaged by the bio- non-degradable material

Vaccines don’t substitute SMS protocol

Though vaccines have been developed against Covid-19, they don’t protect people 100%.only the good-old SMS protocol will protect them if observed properly

‘Mixopathy’ an immiscible concoction

The Indian government plans to make an immiscible concoction of AYUSH medical systems and allopathy, which will spell disaster to the already ailing Indian healthcare

Fast-tracked COVID vaccines in India fall into wrong hands

It’s hardly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic took the world hostage. Nations, including have developed vaccines arm-twisted by politicians, flouting well-conducted trials putting lives at danger

Vaccine ruckus; are Indians ready for the jab?

It’s only a year since the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s too early to go gaga over a vaccine, and create martyrs of ‘vaccine politics’

God bless the USA!

America has come a long way from pre-Columbian times to the sole superpower. But the Trump presidency has questioned America as a democracy. He has cast doubt on the very idea of USA

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