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Splurging by a hungry country

As India slips down the Global Hunger Index, her rulers indulge in splurging like never before

Is Kerala a hotbed for communicable diseases?

Kerala, the healthiest Indian state is increasingly witness surge in communicable diseases. Is the state a hotbed for such ailments?

Pegasus; judiciary red-flags government’s bad manners

As Indian government is implicated in snooping on its own citizens using Pegasus, it took the intervention of the apex Court to have the errant centre to fall in line

Blatant communalism smudges Indian cricket

On October 24 2021 Pakistan defeated India in T20 World cup qualifier. A wounded India calls the only Muslim player in the team ‘traitor’ for the defeat

Judiciary holds forth beacon of hope over modern India’s Jalian Wala

The son of Union Minister of State for Home mows down farmers agitating in UP’s Lakhimpur Kheri. The UP government, seeking re-election sits on the issue until the apex court stirred it to some semblance of action to bring the murderer to justice

Where spurned Romeos kill Juliets heinously

Self-professed lover boys stalk and murder their ‘lovers’ in cold blood, should their love advances be spurned.

Get to the bottom of ‘Narcotic Jihad’ and ‘love Jihad’ 

Even as a catholic priest raises concerns of Love jihad and Narcotic jihad, political parties set about crying foul instead of getting to the bottom of the charges

Trudge back to classrooms circumspectly

With the advent of vaccines, there’s a widespread attempt to reopen educational institutions. But are we ready for that yet?

It’s Time to return to good old newspaper and jute twine

The good old newspaper and jute twine has given way to plastic at a great price. The environment has been sabotaged by the bio- non-degradable material

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