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Bharat Mata continues to be gang raped

despite threat of death sentence for rapists, men continue to gang rape women in the country and subsequently torture them to ensure their death. Every time a woman is raped, it is Bharat Mata who is being raped in the failed state

They will be remembered by what they have done

People, though they pass away don’t just fade away into oblivion. They remain immortal through their deeds, like two gentlemen who recently passed away after enthralling Indians in their respective fields

Don the mask, the stand-in COVID vaccine properly

The mask, which according to experts will remain the stand-in vaccine against COVID-19 until a real vaccine ultimately emerges, must be donned properly to serve its purpose

COVID 19; 9 months on, SMS still holds the key!

It’s been 9 months since COVID-19 has been creating havoc. The virus has so far evaded effective Treatment and a vaccine. the trick seems to be to keep the virus away from man through simple preventive measures.

Kerala is 96.2% literate; But!

Kerala continues to be the Indian torchbearer as the most literate state. But, the citizens of the near cent percent literate state has failed to translate literacy to decorum in the society

Molestation victim sets an example through ladylikeness

Two years ago, a Mollywood actress was abducted and molested in Kerala. Instead of withdrawing into a shell she chose to take the ordeal by the horn, thus placing womanhood on a pedestal.

Good riddance to an untamable monster

Thanks to Rex Master I got through maths in my Xth standard public exams till admission to medical college helped me bid good riddance to the untamable monster that Maths was to me

COVID vaccine; premature clamoring over an unborn child

The world has been battling with COVID-19 only since December 2019. It is too early to claim successful development of an effective vaccine, which is no child’s play

Maveli visits Kerala in 2020

Maveli will visit the subjects of his favorite kingdom,Kerala on Onam to be shocked at COVID-necessitated changes evident in Kerala

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