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    UNSC vote on Ukraine; India condones tyranny    

By deciding to abstain from United Nations Security Council vote deploring Russian invasion of Ukraine, India turns a new leaf. To be known as a nation tolerant of tyranny and expansionism

Why do Indian students turn sitting ducks in foreign war bunkers?

Russian invasion of Ukraine throws open the question; why do Indian students turn sitting ducks in war bunkers under foreign soil in their effort to pursue professional courses?

Ukraine; the world cannot afford another Afghanistan

On February 24 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. The world community must ensure Ukraine doesn’t turn out to be another Afghanistan, creating trouble for itself and rest of the world

Hijab row; fancy dress competition?

Campuses in Karnataka resemble fancy dress competition with students wearing various outfits representing a lost nation

‘Thank you for the music, Lataji’

The ‘nightingale of India’ passed away on February 6 2022. A nation stunned in disbelief could only say ‘thank you for the music, Lataji’

The darkness deepens Lord, with me abide

Gandhi’s personal favorite ‘Abide With me’ was dropped from Beating the Retreat in 2022. Is the move representative of rightwing forces’ agenda to de-Gandianise’ India on the sly?

Djokovic a victim of misplaced governmental obstinacy

Australia deports World No I Djekovic for not receiving Covid vaccine without letting him defend the Australian Open title. Australia’s action lacks scientific backing

When secularism was slaughtered at Kashi for votes

PM Modi played the role of a temple tantric at Kashi to launder votes in the upcoming UP elections

Christmas story Revisited

Christmas which is all about stars, Christmas trees, cake, wine and carols is also about heirship

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