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Are the waves, seagulls and the sun still there?

COVID19 has had the superior creation man follow a new normal to keep the virus away, but do the so-called lesser creations too have to fall in line with ‘new normal’, or will they do well with ‘old normal’?

A bolt from the blue and three commandments

The stroke struck me out of the blue, turning my life upside down. But I chose to face it by adopting the ‘three commandments’

Hunger cries drowned in Rafale din

The much-hyped Rafale fighter jets from France has joined Indian weaponry by paying through the nose. Is the money worth it to stave off enemy infiltration from the 49th poorest nation on Earth?

COVID 19; Kerala down but not out

Kerala, around May 2020 looked certain to do an encore of her triumph over Nipah infection with COVID-19, which wasn’t to be with homecoming of NRKs

An ‘angel’ rushes in to save a toddler

COVID 19 marches on relentlessly. Amidst illness and death, stories of resilience and kindness of human spirit amidst the crisis abound. Here’s one such

COVID19 vaccine; it’s no genie which will spring out of the bottle

As effective treatment options against COVID-19 refuse to emerge, the cry for a vaccine is being heard all around. But can it be arm-twisted?

‘CORONA warriors’ in Kerala turn ‘CORONA pariahs’ overnight

Once Kerala’s ‘COVID bubble’ burst, brickbats replaced bouquets for her so-called ‘CORONA Warriors’

COVID-19; ‘Dharavi Miracle’ proves basics hold the key

Asia’s largest slum, a potential powder keg for COVID-19 mayhem creates a miracle by flattening the viral curve by sticking to the basics


It’s ‘COVID’, ‘COVID’, ‘COVID’, everywhere, driving even healthcare providers crazy, that it’s treatment of non-COVID cases that give them some respite

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