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A letter to Mullapally Ramachandran

The MP from Kerala’s Vatakara belonging to the INC chose to shower choicest abuse on Kerala’s Heath Minister, who has earned international and national recognition for her fight against COVID-19. He also forgot about international and national accolades she had received for successfully taming the Nipah epidemic in 2018.

Is suicide only about depression?

Sushanth Singh Rajput the handsome and young actor shocked the nation and Bollywood by taking his own life. Is there more to suicides than just depression?

‘Living with the virus’; the conundrum

In the tug-O-war between science and economy over the Corona Vius, which one will win? And in what equation?

COVID-19 demands churches be less procedural and ritualistic

The ongoing COVID19 pandemic has forced practically every sector to learn to ‘live with the virus’. Churches too will have to follow suit

Much ado about an elephant death

The death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala is truly tragic. But what is more tragic is attempts by self-centered politicians to communalize the tragedy to their advantage

Is Kerala losing her COVID battle ?

Kerala which had won over the Nipah epidemic seemed to be doing an encore with COVID-19 as well, till repatriation of NRKs and those from other states. Will she have the last laugh over the pandemic?

‘Non- ‘Covidian’ considerations in ‘Covidian’ times

As India grapples with the world to tame the Corona Virus, are patients suffering from diseases other than the viral onslaught cared for enough?

Travel modifications in ‘Covidian’ times

COVID-19 has turned communities and nations upside down. There’s not a single sector that’s unaffected. Travel too has to undergo a sea change to limit the viral damage

Easing lockdown restrictions has to wait in India

Considering her population, and a third of them living in slums, India has had a reasonably less people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the lockdown imposed by the Prime Minister. But, it is still not time yet to lift lockdown restrictions

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