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‘Non- ‘Covidian’ considerations in ‘Covidian’ times

As India grapples with the world to tame the Corona Virus, are patients suffering from diseases other than the viral onslaught cared for enough?

Travel modifications in ‘Covidian’ times

COVID-19 has turned communities and nations upside down. There’s not a single sector that’s unaffected. Travel too has to undergo a sea change to limit the viral damage

Easing lockdown restrictions has to wait in India

Considering her population, and a third of them living in slums, India has had a reasonably less people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the lockdown imposed by the Prime Minister. But, it is still not time yet to lift lockdown restrictions

Nursing in India need to be nursed back to glory of old

Indian nurses, especially those from Kerala have always stood tall among healthcare providers. But, over time, quality of nurses which was world-renowned fell by the way side, that it needs to be nursed back to its original glory

War against ‘Corona Warriors’

Healthcare providers are increasingly being victims of public ire and angst, even at the height of COVID-19 pandemic. Will Prime Minister Modi’s new ordinance to limit this menace stem this unhealthy practice corroding healthcare dispensation?

Spare ‘Corona warriors’ of knee-jerk symbolism

As India joins the world in fight against the raging COVID-19 pandemic, she’s faced with a paradox of sorts. On one hand, her healthcare providers are being assaulted physically and verbally, while on the other, the very same people attempt to salute them, goaded on by the Prime Minister, who frolics in symbolic rituals and kneejerk showmanship

regulate use of gloves against COVID-19

while there are clear cut directives on the use of masks for fight against COVID-19, the use of gloves lacks any such, that their use need some regulation to prevent it from spreading the virus

Mature Kerala distances from eye-for-an-eye policy

Kerala whose citizens were denied treatment by her neighboring states at the height of COVID crisis refuses to adopt eye-for-an-eye policy by permitting a child with congenital heart disease from Tamil Nadu to be operated in Kochi

A microbe rewinds time

It took just a tiny virus to have time retrace its path, and man to realize his frailties; to elbow him from self-imagined perch of invincibility, and to drive home the frailty of his self-assumed preeminence.

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