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An oak that outgrew the sun and the storm

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day in 2023, I salute my maternal grandmother

Self-financing the only hope for public healthcare sector

Poor-friendly public healthcare suffers from stunted growth. Only self-financing can bring it back to health in the interest of the ailing poor

Antibiogram; another feather on Kerala’s illustrious cap

Antibiotic resistance has taken healthcare hostage. Will antibiogram proposed to be adopted in Kerala help to save the day?

Ban on Two-finger test for rape survivors; did judiciary go overboard?

The judiciary rightly red-flagged the scientific validity of the PV test in rape survivors. But by directing the test to be done away from the medical curriculum itself seems an overdo

Rishi Sunak’s ancestry deepens the subcontinental schism

Rishi Sunak, the British Indian takes over British premiership. Reverberations of the same are felt in distant India along communal lines.

Only humility, meekness and truth can satiate India’s hunger

As India fares badly in the Global Hunger Index rankings, the government adopts denial and rubbishing the report instead of acceptance of the same with humility and pursuit of truth

Misuse stares at Supreme Court extending MTP to the unmarried

The Supreme Court includes the unmarried within the ambit of abortion laws. Will it add to society’s promiscuity?

Judicial chiding alone won’t make happy marriages

Divorce rate in India is just 1%. But is the 99% really happy within their marriage? Has financial independence of women improved her lot within marriages?

A fisherman’s tears demand poor-friendly healthcare

With healthcare dispensation in private sector corporatized into a lucrative business and healthcare in public sector leaving much to be desired, where will the poor go to get ailments treated?

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