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Supreme Court red-flags superstition

India, supposedly on the highway to superpower status cannot afford to operate on superstitions

Blooming in vain?

Was the rose outside the bedroom blooming in vain, or in hope?

Dr. Vandana; sacrificial lamb of a sick system

A 22-year old house surgeon is stabbed to death by an inebriated person, adding one more to the list of healthcare workers attacked in Kerala. Why are these attacks being repeated?

‘The Kerala Story’ insensitive to victims’ families’ anguish

While politicians scramble to claim their pound of flesh from ‘The Kerala Files’, nobody is bothered about the families of alleged ‘Love Jihad’ victims, who continue to deal with their anguish and pain by themselves

Disqualification of Rahul; was judiciary unfair to him?

Rahul Gandhi was disqualified as MP from the 17th Lok Sabha for defaming a famous surname. What about MPs associated with more gruesome crimes?

An oak that outgrew the sun and the storm

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day in 2023, I salute my maternal grandmother

Self-financing the only hope for public healthcare sector

Poor-friendly public healthcare suffers from stunted growth. Only self-financing can bring it back to health in the interest of the ailing poor

Antibiogram; another feather on Kerala’s illustrious cap

Antibiotic resistance has taken healthcare hostage. Will antibiogram proposed to be adopted in Kerala help to save the day?

Ban on Two-finger test for rape survivors; did judiciary go overboard?

The judiciary rightly red-flagged the scientific validity of the PV test in rape survivors. But by directing the test to be done away from the medical curriculum itself seems an overdo

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