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‘Mixopathy’ an immiscible concoction

The Indian government plans to make an immiscible concoction of AYUSH medical systems and allopathy, which will spell disaster to the already ailing Indian healthcare

Fast-tracked COVID vaccines in India fall into wrong hands

It’s hardly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic took the world hostage. Nations, including have developed vaccines arm-twisted by politicians, flouting well-conducted trials putting lives at danger

Vaccine ruckus; are Indians ready for the jab?

It’s only a year since the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s too early to go gaga over a vaccine, and create martyrs of ‘vaccine politics’

God bless the USA!

America has come a long way from pre-Columbian times to the sole superpower. But the Trump presidency has questioned America as a democracy. He has cast doubt on the very idea of USA

COVID 19 renders electoral modifications imminent

As COVID19 continues to have free run, it’s time to examine ways to limit viral transmission at Indian elections

They make the world a better place

People ‘don’t have time for others’, but there are some who lend their helping hand to the needy

‘Vaccine populism’; Bihar’s no animal lab

BJP-led NDA promises free COVID vaccine for all if elected to power in Bihar. By doing so, they take Bihar for a ride, and cheats the state.

Christ needs no statue, tall or short

Two politicians to please Christians attempt to install world’s tallest statue of Christ in Karnataka. But Christ really wants His followers to do much more than eructing statues for Him

She paid for the daily bread with her life

A pregnant 33-year old nurse, and a mother of 2 died on national Highway 66. Will the lot of the likes of her ever improve?

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