Vaccination against Covid-19 has instilled a false sense of security among vaccinees. This was exemplified by an elderly person I met in one of the lifts in the hospital I work. He wore a mask all right. The apparently overused and soiled mask hung from his ears by elastic ear-loops that had been stretched beyond its elasticity to cover his neck instead of his mouth and nose.

Attempting to correct his callous ways and also to chastise him for the same, I requested him to use a new mask that ideally covered his nose and mouth. ‘I have taken my two doses of the vaccine and I will not get infected with Covid’, he grumbled in an irritated manner. Sensing he was beyond reasoning, I secured my own safety by ensuring my mask covered my nose and mouth properly. I was only happy to step out of the lift on reaching my destination, leaving behind the man with a carelessly worn ‘mask’ to his destiny.

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Ignorance has brought about this typical lackadaisical and careless attitude among vaceenees. Breakthrough infections do occur among the vaccinees. Worse, a large number of them may be asymptomatic and move about in the community infecting others.

People who have been vaccinated against the Corona Virus must realize that, from data and experience gained globally till date, mutant strains of the virus have denied vaccines 100% efficacy to protect them from the dreaded infection. The delta variant of SARS-CoV2 has been reported to cause rampant resurgence of Covid-19 infections in countries that have adequately vaccinated their citizens. The vaccines being used now have been shown only to decrease severity of infection, mortality and need for hospitalization and ICU admissions. It is a fact that the vaccinated can still be infected. More significantly, those infected can be asymptomatic, infecting others within the community.

Irrespective of the vaccination status, the onus is therefore on citizens to religiously adhere to time-tested Covid-appropriate SMS protocol, which are;

S- Maintaining a distance of at least a meter between individuals (in other words, it is appropriate to stay away from crowds)

M-wearing masks (which demands wearing them properly covering the nose and mouth), so that the virus nascent in the wearer isn’t allowed to infect others, and the person is prevented from being infected by other strains.

S- Regular sanitization of the hands by washing them or using sanitizers.