It was reported in the print media recently that an artificial intelligence expert told the International Congress on love and sex with Robots at Goldsmiths, London that ‘sex with robots is just around the corner with the first “sexbots” coming………sometime next year’. And, to make this a reality, California-based Abyss Creations will start manufacturing humanoid lovers by next year. can these ‘lovers’ made of metal, rubber and plastic satiate the often uncontrollable sexual behavior, fueled by the testosterone surge that has the male of the human species it’s ravenous victim? Can this bring ‘order’ into modern-day bedrooms? Can it give the much sought-after reprieve for the wife within a marriage? One of the most important factors that have the married male among Homo sapiens go sex-hunting, I think, is the phenomenon of sex-denial, where the person who ought to provide him sexual gratification within a legal relationship of marriage is, what I would like to term the ‘CLB Syndrome’ (Crossed legs in the Bedroom Syndrome) the man is denied sex because his wife is ‘too tired’ one night after the chores and her job, and ‘severe headache’, the next night. It could be a ‘bad backache’ the next, or the red flag being flagged as part of the physiological phenomenon meant to prepare her for motherhood, a few nights following, or even a wrong word(you can’t  blame them, can you ?) The man is driven to desperation and is rendered sex-starved. He seeks sex outside the wedlock. Things go out of his control. He rapes, and goes on a sexual ‘overdrive’. Things are no different among sexually active partners within an unmarried relationship too. Is sex starvation contributing to the rapes, the molestations, ogling, and the ‘naughty eye’ that spins out of control? If it does, then, humanoids, or these sexbots might make things better. They could make life less demanding’ for the female of the human species! It would be rewarding if women are not stalked and raped in parks, harassed at workplaces, and if the little girl is not subjected to sexual molestation by her own father and an uncle. More importantly, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases would plummet.  Irrespective of culture and race, unbridled sexual behavior has been the bane of the human race, from the very first chapter of human history. The CLB Syndrome has definitely played its part. In the darkness of the bedrooms, the man has to contend with an unobliging wife, who turns to the other side. If sexbots could serve as an efficient substitute for the harassed women folk, why not try them? Do I sound like a representative of the company manufacturing them? Well, I’m not, but I can’t help it if I sound like one!