Yesterday I happened to watch a video on Whatsapp. The video showed a woman pay the driver of an auto rickshaw she had hired. She did not use currency to pay him. Instead, she paid him using an app installed in her Smartphone. The app apparently transferred money from her bank account to the rickshaw driver’s account. After paying him off, she chose to lavish herself with a glass of tea from a roadside chai-wallah. Here too, she used her phone to make the payment. On both these occasions, she paid for services received through ‘e-transaction’. Money from her bank account was transferred to that of the persons to whom she owed money for services received. She did not use the currency.    She couldn’t, thanks to the aftershocks of demonetization, which was put in place by Prime Minister Modi on November 8th of this year.  The intensions of the Prime Minister to demonetize were mainly two (a) to do away with black money, or at least control it (b) to checkmate antinationals, (also called terrorists) who have a free run in this country, their disruptive activities funded by counterfeit currency that is churned out from the flourishing counterfeit industry operating deep inside our no-so-friendly neighbor, Pakistan. As smoke from the bombshell of demonetization began to clear, many options to transact business, or go about the process of daily living, which abruptly has become quite a grind were examined.

One among them is e-transaction. Here, no currency is involved. Payment is made electronically using an app installed in the Smartphone, or other such gadget, or even an  ATM. It also includes liberal use of debit and credit cards. Money from the consumer’s account is transferred electronically to the account of the service provider. How practical and efficient e-transaction would be in a country like India, where the majority of her citizens are illiterate and economically poor, remains to be seen. Let us assume e-transaction succeeds and that it comes to stay as the means to transact money. Let’s assume currency becomes history. Can we also assume that India would be free of terrorism as the result? Would India become a safer place to be in because counterfeit money has been dealt a body blow? Would armed mercenaries stealing into India to kill innocent Indians by detonating bombs, or through whichever method they chose find it difficult to operate within the country? How do these terrorists function? These guys, who manage to sneak into India across the LOC, and remote-controlled by their masters operating from deep inside Pakistan or whichever nation, needs the support of local population, which are also invariably Indians, whether it be auto rickshaw drivers, a local chai wallah, or even a cleric. Without local support these terrorists simply cannot function. Their logistics depend entirely on the support of Indians sympathetic to their skewed cause and ideology, in the name of religion, or some wayward dogma. And these elements within the mainland, who live among us, as one among us, expect to be paid handsomely for ‘services’ offered. They are not particular that they be paid in the form of pieces of paper which currency is. They want money to reach their accounts, whether it is through e-transaction or whatever. As long as the app facilitates payment, irrespective of the purpose and identity of the beneficiary, the accounts of these traitors with whom the indoctrinated mercenaries connive will continue to be fattened. Every Indian must realize (read fear) that being part of nefarious activities that disrupt peace and normal life within the country will invite severest of punishment.

Law and the nuances of judiciary must be amended suitably for this end to materialize. They must rise up to the situation and its demands. Screws must be tightened. The noose too must be tightened more frequently, if need be. In a country where a govindachamy who raped and murdered a grievously injured Soumya beside the railroad is allowed to walk around freely like you and me, one cannot see this happening in the near future.


Treason and antinational activities against India through support or involvement of an Indian must be dealt with mercilessly. The chai wallah and the autoriskshaw driver, who are aware that the money being paid through their accounts will reach the mischief mongers within Pakistan and their supporters within the Indian mainland ultimately, must realize that should they be pulled up, only death awaits them. Politicians under whose very noses these antinational activities take place, yet chose to look away, as part of their vote -bank politicking, and the policeman and the babu who are also aware of these treacherous goings-on and turn a blind eye as their wallets are being nourished, must also realize that life will not be easy should they be pulled up.

More importantly, instead of the mode of transferring money, it is the mindset of every Indian that must change. No Indian must ever dare to turn a traitor inside India. There should be no Judas the Iscariot among us. Not one!